Feature Length Film

Jasmine Star

Written and Directed by Jo Rochelle

A determined sixteen-year-old with albinism (lack of pigment in the hair, skin, and eyes) makes it her mission to become a professional model in her hometown of Minneapolis, while attempting to go unnoticed in every other aspect of her teenage life. 

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Short Film 


Written and Directed by Jo Rochelle

A mermaid decides to help a woman forget her son who was killed by a a police officer.

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 Late Expectations

Written by Thais Francis

Directed by Jo Rochelle

After discovering that she’s in love with a girl, a devout Christian teen must decide whether she’ll come clean to her boyfriend and homophobic mother or continue with the lies.



Written and Directed by Jo Rochelle

Issa Rae Productions

BSU (Black Student Union) is a comedic coming of age web series following a group of college students who are navigating the pitfalls of teenage self discovery, while simultaneously balancing the expectations to organize on behalf of current and future black students.