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Feature Length Film

Jasmine Star

Written and Directed by Jo Rochelle

A determined sixteen-year-old with albinism (lack of pigment in the hair, skin, and eyes) makes it her mission to become a professional model in her hometown of Minneapolis, while attempting to go unnoticed in every other aspect of her teenage life. 

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Short Film 


Written and Directed by Jo Rochelle

A mermaid decides to help a woman forget her son who was killed by a a police officer.

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Pilot Presentation

Late Expectations

Written by Thais Francis

Directed by Jo Rochelle

After discovering that she’s in love with a girl, a devout Christian teen must decide whether she’ll come clean to her boyfriend and homophobic mother or continue with the lies.

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Web Series


Written and Directed by Jo Rochelle

Issa Rae Productions

BSU (Black Student Union) is a comedic coming of age web series following a group of college students who are navigating the pitfalls of teenage self discovery, while simultaneously balancing the expectations to organize on behalf of current and future black students.

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